The Characteristics Of A Good Foundation

The Characteristics of a Good Foundation


A good slab foundation must have strength. Strength is determined by the grade of dirt used and how well it is compacted. It is important to use the right material so that good compaction can be achieved. Whether there is enough dirt on site or you have to truck in additional fill to install the foundation, it must be of a sufficient quality.


A good slab foundation must have cohesiveness. The more trucked in fill required, the more important it is that the soil has a good binder. Having a good binder means that it will stick together and water will not be able to penetrate it once it is installed and compacted. Any excess water will have a negative impact on the foundation. The water can penetrate it and cause the foundation to crack which can lead to shifting of the building. The ideal material for a foundation (also called a sub-surface) is one that is composed of silty clay soils. The permeability of water through silt is low thus protecting your foundation.

Whatever you do, whether you are the builder or the building’s owner do not skimp on your foundation. Make sure it has the characteristics mentioned above so that you will not experience problems in the future that will negatively affect your structure. It may seem that you are spending too much at the beginning of the project. However, your peace of mind on down the line will be well worth it.

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