Construction Driveway

As your structure is being built there has to be a way for the construction workers and delivery trucks to access the site. You do not want your permanent driveway to be used by heavy trucks delivering concrete, building materials and equipment. There is a high probability that it would be damaged. Instead you want something that will hold up to the inevitable rains and traffic. It will only be temporary until the building is nearing completion. Crushed limestone is a good material to use on your construction driveway. One of the reasons that it is so ideal is that not only does it function as an all-weather driveway but it also prevents organic materials on the trucks’ wheels from being carried to the streets. Mud carried onto the street by delivery trucks and other vehicles from a jobsite not only can create a driving hazard but can also result in neighbors’ complaints. Crushed limestone is durable and available nationwide.

Once your structure is complete and it is determined that there will be little to no more construction traffic you can determine what to do with the temporary driveway. If the permanent driveway is in a different location you might want to keep your construction driveway, especially if it provides another way for you to access your property. If the construction driveway is located where the permanent driveway is to be installed there is another advantage of using crushed limestone. You can keep the crushed limestone in place and use it as a base for most kinds of material you would use for your driveway. Just be sure that the limestone will not make the elevation too high for the finished driveway. In that case it would have to be removed before installing your new driveway.

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