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2000 John Deere 120c

    • This way to profits. It’s easy to take the 120C from job to job; all you need is a dump truck and a tagalong trailer.
    • Like all C-Series Excavators, the 120C features welded bulkheads inside the boom and arm to resist torsion stress. It also has thickened plates — three in the boom and one in the arm —to add strength and durability.
    • The operator station floats on six silicon fluidfilled elastic mounts that take the shock out of the cab and make for very smooth operators.
    • Engine – John Deere 4045H with turbocharger and air-to-air charge air cooler
    • A/C is not working.
  • Cabin Door is dinged.  Battery Access Door is dinged.

For Sale

Call or email for Pricing.   601-326-2854 / copperfieldconstruction@gmail.com

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