Installing Rip Rap Stone

Installing Rip Rap Stone

Constant flowing water will eventually erode the soil around creek beds and ponds if it is not protected.  Rip rap rock is used to prevent erosion of soil on the banks of creeks and ponds. However, it must be installed properly. Here are the basic steps.

Material & Equipment:

Heavy Premium Filter Fabric (Super Geotextile 8 oz Non-Woven Polypropylene Fabric)

Limestone Rock, 6-12 inches in diameter

Six-inch Steel Staples (Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Steel Landscape Staples – 6-inch, 100-count – By Top-Lawn)

Tractor with Rock Bucket Attachment

Installation Steps:

  1. Grade the slope to no steeper than 3:1.
  1. Place the filter fabric on the ground. The fabric should be free from seams. If the seams are unavoidable be sure to overlap the fabric by several feet and shingle in the proper direction. The fabric helps to stabilize the rocks.
  1. Attach the fabric to the slope with steel staples.
  1. Use the tractor to retrieve a load of clean rock. We commonly use the 6 to 12-inch rocks but larger rocks can be used for a bigger project. The steepness of the slope and speed of the flowing water determines what size rock is required.

The size of the project will also determine what kind of tractor you will need. For a typical backyard project, a skid steer bobcat (Titan Attachments 72″ Rock Bucket Skeleton Loader w/ Teeth Skid Steer Bobcat) might suffice. A large commercial project would likely require an excavator and front-end loader.

  1. Finally, dump the rocks from the bucket and distribute across the fabric.

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