Erosion Control: Rip Rap Rock

Erosion Control: Rip Rap Rock


Rip rap rock has proven to be very useful in various erosion control construction applications.  Rip rap stone is primarily used in projects involving erosion prevention.  Lakes, rivers and ponds with banks that are constantly exposed to flowing water will begin to crumble and erode over time.  The rip rap can be placed for added strength and protection.  Rip rap rock might also be used for constructing driveways, roads and parking lots.


Rip rap stone comes in different sizes.  All the stones are manufactured to suit specific needs.  Here is a look at the capabilities of each size group:


4” – 5” Stones

This is the smallest size of rip rap stone that is available.  Although it is not large enough to endure the constantly rushing water of a swift river, the rocks are ideal for assisting with the prevention of soil erosion in areas that are located on small slopes and drainage ditches.  This size also can mitigate weed growth and is often used as a base material for driveways and parking lots.


6” – 9” Stones

Rip rap stone of this size is the most widely used.  These stones are preferred for erosion control along ponds, lakes, streams and rivers.  It is large and heavy enough to reinforce the banks.  Another advantage to this size stone is the difficulty of walking on them which can serve as a deterrent to unwanted foot traffic in the area.



9” Stones

Finally, we have the largest size. The 9” rip rap stone can be used in areas where extensive erosion is likely to occur.  It is extremely effective in protecting shorelines against heavy currents that can have a devasting impact on the surrounding land.  It can be used to restore areas that have been partially swept away by.  9” rip rap stone is also used to fill large holes or ditches.

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